The Center for Languages, Arts and Societies of the Silk Road (CLASSRoad) is a HADI initiated project that began in 2007.

Vision: To be one of the leading academic, research and learning centers for languages spoken along the Silk Road.

Mission: To enhance the teaching of Silk Road languages and to foster greater cultural understanding within and across communities in the United States.

Goals: To enhance quality of teaching and promoting the learning of Silk Road languages, such as Arabic, in the United States.

  • CLASSRoad eLearning Platform

    CLASSRoad has developed a sophisticated eLearning platform that many of our eLearning partners are using to offer there online courses. Please see : ClassRoad Elearning Platform

  • Is Online Learning For You?

    Online learning is different in many respects from the traditional face-to-face learning we’re all used to, primarily in the way we get our information and how we interact with instructors and classmates. Many people say they learn more online, and their retention is better too. Consider that good students in the traditional setting may fair […]

  • Importance of Following Directions

  • Foreign languages to be compulsory from age seven

    All children are to be taught a foreign language from the age of seven, the Government will announce this week. Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, will say that subjects such as French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Latin or Greek will be made a compulsory part of the primary school timetable for the first time. Learn More.